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The nature of restorative dentistry is becoming a fast-paced environment and, as an evolving and modern clinician, you need to embrace the emerging techniques of immediate dentistry.

When your patients require immediacy, your treatment needs to be supported with technological stability, versatility for complex case requirements and predictable outcomes, so that you can feel confident in your performance.

With a combined market experience of over 45 years and over a decade of tapered implant success, we’ve used our knowledge to develop immediate solutions, such as the Tapered Pro and CONELOG® PROGRESSIVE-LINE implant systems, to bolster clinical success through:

  • Reliable and efficient technology
  • Shortened treatment times
  • Seamless workflow stages
  • Treatment predictability and durability
  • Patient convenience
  • Comprehensive training and practice growth initiatives

With our implant lines, we offer evidence-based solutions for different concepts and requirements. Clinically proven, scientifically based – which implant system meets your preferences?

Discover Tapered Pro Implants

Discover CONELOG® Progressive-Line

Tapered Pro Implants

Predictable, immediate results

Tapered Pro implants have been skilfully engineered based on over 10 years of tapered implant success. The unique design elements of the Tapered Pro system provide a predictable solution with increased primary stability for immediate treatment, improving the capabilities of the BioHorizons Camlog tapered line.

Discover the intelligent design features of Tapered Pro



Precision engineered Laser-Lok collar shown to promote oblique connective tissue attachment, much like a natural tooth.

Aggressive threadform

Deep and aggressive buttress threads provide primary stability.

Restorative ease

45° conical internal hex connection is color-coded for quick identification and component matching.

Color-coded platforms

Color-coded platform and prosthetics increase safety and makes restorative procedures fast and accurate.

Full range of sizes

Available in a range of diameters and lengths to suit all clinical indications.

Cutting design

End cutting, self-tapping thread design for controlled implant placement in challenging sites.

Offer your patients precision and predictability with the Tapered Pro implant system.


A Perfect Fit

The CONELOG® PROGRESSIVE-LINE implant system makes it easier to implement modern treatment concepts such as immediate restorations or immediate loading. The apical conical macro design of the CONELOG® PROGRESSIVE-LINE implant, with extended flank height and many other features, facilitates achieving high primary stability – regardless of bone quality.

The crestal thread provides additional support in cases with limited bone height while the thread running to the apex is ideal for immediate placement. CONELOG® PROGRESSIVE-LINE thus extends your therapeutic treatment options in soft bone and extraction sockets.

With Platform Switching and the deep conical CONELOG® connection, the system focuses on treatment concepts at bone level and enables aesthetic reconstructions. The clinical advantages of the Promote® Surface up to the platform and bone level position complement each other and help to preserve crestal bone and achieve aesthetic results.

Discover the high-precision design features of CONELOG® PROGRESSIVE-LINE

Excellent performance at bone level1

This implant design includes a crestal anchorage thread, which helps to master complex situations in reduced bone height, e.g. when performing sinus lift surgery.

Anatomically shaped conical connection

Features an anatomically shaped conical area which provides excellent primary stability and a reduced diameter for structurally challenging areas.1,2

Promote® surface

Proven sandblasted, acid-etched surface for rapid osseointegration.

Threads down to the apex1,2

Threads that extend down to the apex make the CONELOG® PROGRESSIVE-LINE the ideal system for immediate implantation.

Flexible drill protocol

With a flexible drill protocol for preferred primary stability, including an optional protocol for underpreparation, CONELOG® PROGRESSIVE-LINE provides the flexibility and versatility needed to adapt to different clinical situations.

Suitable for all indications

Proven design features deliver an implant system capable of treating a wide range of indications with modern concepts, including digital workflows and immediate protocols.

High-quality pure titanium material (Grade 4)

Made from state-of-the-art titanium recognised for its high biocompatibility, mechanical strength and excellent corrosion resistance properties.

Abutments and connections

The CONELOG® PROGRESSIVE-LINE implant-abutment connection ensures a precise, stable and reliable rotation-locked connection.

FLEX surgical kits

The FLEX surgical kit contains all required instruments for the preparation of soft and dense bone protocols using CONELOG® PROGRESSIVE-LINE implants, including a compact tray design, efficient color-coded surgical sequence, empty spare slots for customization and is validated for automated cleaning, disinfection and sterilization.

With excellent stability of hard and soft tissue, CONELOG® PROGRESSIVE-LINE is the system of choice for reliable implant treatment.

[1] Conserva E. Initial stability after placement of a new buttress threaded implant. A case series study. implants. 2019(3):24-28.
[2] Ruppin J. One-year clinical experience with Progressive-Line implants. EDI journal. 2020(4):54-63.

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