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The nature of restorative dentistry is becoming a fast-paced environment and, as an evolving and modern clinician, you need to embrace the emerging techniques of immediate dentistry.

When your patients require immediacy, your treatment needs to be supported with technological stability, versatility for complex case requirements and predictable outcomes, so that you can feel confident in your performance.

With over 30 years of dental implant experience and over 10 years of tapered implant success, we’ve used our knowledge to develop immediate solutions to bolster clinical success through:

  • Reliable and efficient technology
  • Shortened treatment times
  • Seamless workflow stages
  • Treatment predictability and durability
  • Patient convenience
  • Comprehensive training and practice growth initiatives

I use BioHorizons Tapered Implants in the treatment of all my implant patients as I have found that their protocols are straightforward, their equipment is simple to use, their technology is cutting-edge and their customer support is always exemplary.

Dr Amish RaichuraImplant dentist


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