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Rise to the challenge of edentulous patient treatment with full-arch rehabilitation solutions

Full-arch restoration is the future of implant dentistry

Nowadays, patients are more aware of the high-tech implant solutions available to them and are ready to invest in their smiles for the long-term.

We’re supporting clinicians to meet the needs of their patients, and the popular demand for expert and swift restoration, through innovative full-arch technology and educational development for the whole team. We do this by ensuring our Tapered Pro and CONELOG® PROGRESSIVE-LINE implant systems are perfectly complemented by their respective full-arch solutions – TeethXpress® and CONELOG® PROGRESSIVE-LINE Multi-unit abutment system.

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Immediate Load Solutions

TeethXpress is a biomechanically stable, immediate load and function protocol for fully or partially edentulous patients. A combination of BioHorizons Tapered implants and the TeethXpress technique creates a stable and predictable immediate load solution proven to make your patients smile.

Reliable, predictable and efficient workflow.

  • Immediate functionality and comfort
  • Shortened treatment times
  • Minimises chair time
  • Maximises profitability
  • Natural-looking aesthetics
  • Treatment predictability
  • Longevity
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Full-arch immediate load treatment with TeethXpress can be performed in a single day. It’s a great opportunity for referring dentists who have run out of solutions for their patients.

Paul SwansonImplant Dentist & Mentor

Features of TeethXpress® include:

Laser-Lok® Technology

Which creates a connective tissue attachment that retains crestal bone.

Multi-unit Components

Providing an intelligent design for restorative flexibility and ease of use

Optimised Buttress Threads

Engineered to provide the stability essential to immediate load cases.

Reliable, predictable and efficient workflow

Minimises chair time and maximises profitability.

Greatest range

Multi-unit abutments are available in the greatest range of sizes and angles to restore implant positions.

Low profile, sculpted design

The abutment emergence profiles seat easily in deep tissue and provide optimal soft tissue contouring.

45° conical connection

Provides maximum angulation correction from the passive prosthetic fit from the 45° self-centering cone.

One Prosthetic Platform

Multiple implant diameters come with a 3.5mm platform. Surgeons then match the appropriate diameter implant to the site conditions whilst minimising inventory needs.

Angulation correction

Angulation is corrected with the 17° and 30° angled Multi-unit abutments to redirect the screw access hole.

For optimised workflow and TeethXpress® precision, choose TICK Box.

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Experience proven flexibility and versatility with TeethXpress®


Multi-unit Abutment System

The multi-unit abutments for CONELOG® are designed to restore edentulous and partially edentulous arches. Available in multiple gingival heights and angulations to support treatment in a wide variety of patients. Each abutment shares the same restorative platform, simplifying the restorative process and reducing the number of components required.

Multi-unit abutment connection designed for simplified and customised restoration

  • Conical performance at bone level
  • Simple, fast and precise abutment positioning with clearly noticeable tactile feedback
  • Precise, conical implant-abutment connection with superior stability compared to other conical connections1, 2
  • Integrated platform switching
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Features include:

Reduced micromovements

CONELOG® benefits from a long conus for reduced micromovements1

Positional stability

CONELOG® has proven superior positional stability in comparison to other conical systems1-2

Intra-operative ease

Easy positioning with excellent tactile feedback for the surgeon.

Vertical Fit

The ‘Vertical fit’ feature minimises vertical discrepancy.

One restorative platform

Each abutment shares the same restorative platform simplifying the restorative process and reduces required components.

Supportive range

Abutments are available in multiple gingiva heights and angulations to support clinical situations and patient requirements.

45° conical connection

Passive prosthetic fit from the 45° self-centering cone provides up to 22.5° of angulation correction

Angulation correction

Angulation is corrected with the 17° and 30° angled Multi-unit abutments

6 possible abutment orientations

Types A and B abutment designs differ in having a 60° offset cam arrangement, allowing a total of 6 rotating positions to obtain the optimal prosthetic axis.

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With excellent stability of hard and soft tissue, CONELOG®  PROGRESSIVE-LINE is the system of choice for reliable implant treatment.


[1] Semper-Hogg, W., Kraft, S., Stiller, S., Mehrhof, J., and Nelson, K (2010). Analytical and experitmental position stability of the abutment in different dental implant systems with a conical implant-abutment connection. Clin Oral Investig. 10127:23

[2] Semper-Hogg, Zulauf, K., Mehrhof, J., and Nelson, K (2015) The influence of torque tightening on the position stability of the abutment in conical implant-abutment connections. Int J Prosthodont 28:538-41

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