The Implant Revolution is here

A new vision for a new era has arrived.

The Implant Revolution is driven by a community of passionate clinicians, united by a desire to push past the limits of implantology, to fight for clinical success and realise their unbounded career potential.

Introducing TICK Box

TeethXpress® Implants & Components Kit Box

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NEW Xtract Packs

THE patient-centric solution for individual case management

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The future of implantology is led by you

Join the Revolution.

Revolutionary progress requires an innovative support system. BioHorizons Camlog solutions support implant clinicians in taking control of their careers and encouraging their development to become industry-leaders in the age of immediacy, full-arch and regeneration. Join the revolution and discover a world of opportunity with BioHorizons Camlog.

Seize control with immediate implants

Emerging techniques are trending towards restoring immediate function and aesthetics to your patients’ missing teeth – think days not months. Embrace the world of immediate treatment solutions and you too can have the power and predictability to take control in the age of immediacy.

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Join the ranks of the elite in full-arch rehabilitation

Meet the rising challenges of edentulous patients by leveraging a diverse range of full-arch treatment solutions. Immediate functionality, shortened treatment times, natural-looking aesthetics and treatment predictability – now’s the time to make dental implants a viable choice for more of your patients.

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Discover the freedom to regenerate with biologics

Expand your treatment repertoire and grow your implant patient base with biologics’ revolutionary products, engineered to empower you and advance your patients’ clinical outcome. Where bone and tissue quality and quantity matters, breakthrough the boundaries to success.

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Realise your potential and make implants your business

The Implant Revolution empowers a new generation of dental professionals to break through the challenges of implant dentistry, rise above the rest and fight for success. With BioHorizons Camlog as their partner, they seize control of their implant business and realise its potential!


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Discover a comprehensive educational programme for all members of the team wherever you are in your implant career.

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