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Expand your treatment repertoire and grow your implant patient base with these revolutionary biologic solutions

As clinicians, you’ll have a broad understanding of your patient’s unique restoration requirements but you may feel restricted by the technology available to you and your patients who exhibit low bone density and tissue quality.
Soft and hard tissue limitation in implantology is a thing of the past. Expand your treatment repertoire and grow your implant patient base with the revolutionary and comprehensive biologics solutions, engineered to empower you and advance your patients’ clinical outcome.

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BioHorizons Camlog offers a comprehensive range of regenerative and patient-centric solutions needed to create a solid base for hard and soft tissue growth – the perfect synergy between natural looking aesthetics and long-term function.


Our broad family of regenerative products are scientifically proven in a wide variety of grafting applications and formulated for consistent, quality performance.

  • Highest quality standards – meets or exceeds AATB and FDA guidelines.
  • Clinically proven results – over 300 peer-reviewed publications.
  • Novel treatment solutions – game-changing products specifically designed to enhance clinical outcomes.

NovoMatrix is an excellent material. Other products tend to swell too much or break up when being applied to the site. NovoMatrix is the closest to a connective tissue graft in terms of handling and dimensional stability.

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